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Part of our major concern is to protect your confidence and trust in us. We make a hobby of providing you a platform where you may visit and interact with without having you off-guard. Please know that we’ve added new feature of our website below:

  • Added protection of handling visitor’s information.
    Please visit our privacy policy page under the heading Information – Protection” section to know the update we made on these feature.

Making this possible lead us one step up to make sure that your experience with us meets a bit of satisfaction. Hoping to serve you even further as we dive deeper into darker zone. May we ask a minute of your time to drop us a feedback at our About page located up of your screen or click here. Thank you for your continues support and visit with us.

The balance between freedom and
security is a delicate one.

– Mark Udall

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As a blogger in cyphace, I share a glimpse of story that regularly happen within the dance community in the Philippines. Story that shows different challenges, mixed emotions, hardships and dedication. Inspirational quotation and influential people behind every success.

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