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What happen during the “Beneath” dance play of Carlos Garcia Serrano III

Beneath group picture of last show


by Carlos Garcia Serrano III

Brought his creativity to SDA Theater this past December 1 and 2, 2017.

To begin with, Beneath was made as a dance production which aims to showcase dance performances that dive into the unexplored familiar of the society. It was directed by Carlos Garcia Serrano III who in light of his profession was influenced and motivated by his fellow dance colleague to bring his mission to reality. As an artist he want to share his part of representing change among the society through the art of dance.

Director’s Message

There’s a mission that I’ve always felt in my profession. With the influences and motivation I get from the other dancers I had encountered, I have always felt the need to embrace change. Coupled with desire as an artist, I want to serve my purpose by producing an art which represents change.

“Beneath” us all about the unexplored familiar in the Philippines. It is about the interrelation of things people experience every day and has never really thought that this interrelationship all boils down to one root cause.

– Carlos Garcia Serrano III

The portion of the show

Beneath Staff Crew and Production Q and A


The impending eviction incite to anger and disorder among the tenants of the land. The property owner is now facing the challenge to decide what measures to be done to solve the issue. Will this situation stir his compassion for the tenants or will he let his personal interest blind him?

Beneath runs for two days having two set of show each day. It took them hard work and dedication to bring together the mind and heart of each artist into this show with its mission.

Beside their tireless efforts in giving their strength and time into the play, they never lose faith and trust from their community that the message contain within would be a stepping stone to open one mind and spark the other. For them, it was indeed a challenge.

The Challenge

Tireless support from each member of the production are shared by each individual in making Beneath the best dance play that they want to show for their audience. It was not an easy task to put everything together while at the same time keeping the quality of dance performance that they should give to highlight each scene of the play. They took a lot of time to conceptualize the story and their dance routine not just one time dance routine for the whole but rather a piece by piece scene with dedicated dance genre and style to amplify the point of the story as it goes along the line of the script.

Beside all their labor on this dance thesis production, they never show any side of discouragement for they know that this is a worth it piece of art. Looking ahead is one of the encouragement to the person who draft everything to make this thesis alive. From all the support and those who shared with Beneath, their big thank you are express by this blog post for you: respective dance crew, staff and individual supports coming from families, friends and different communities.

The Support

All photos and video credit to:Beneath Facebook Page and Meggie Mañago

Your Production Crew

Carlos Serrano III
Director and Choreographer

Marie Gutierrez
Production Manager

Pancho Revilla
Asst. Production Manager

Angel Magbanua
Stage Manager

Tsung Han Lu
Lighting Director & Technical Director

Jay Lorenz Conanan
Set Designer

Tony Ramos
Props Master

Renzo Arboleda, Jhonas Soriano and Jannah Baniasia
Asst. Stage Managers

Coleen Wong

Irene Romero
Asst. Ligthing Director

Angelica Anna Rodriguez
Assoc. Set Designer

Aaron Gustilo, Sarah Mae Baraquio and Zaccheus Tierra
Set Crew

Gaby Donato
Make-up Artist

Janica Jasmin Morales
Marketing Head

Shannon Balangue
Sales Head

Erico Sy, Bella Abuel, Felix Cabigas Mabilog, Maia Wycoco and Mik Olanday
Marketing & Sales Assistants

Taryn Navarro, Jacob Hallazgo, Enzo Ysip and Janica Jasmin Morales
Graphic Designer

Shim Abrio, Ryon Casuyon and Alfonso Sales

Thank You to all who support and share Beneath 2017:
A Dance Thesis Production of Carlos Garcia Serrano III


As a blogger in cyphace, I share a glimpse of story that regularly happen within the dance community in the Philippines. Story that shows different challenges, mixed emotions, hardships and dedication. Inspirational quotation and influential people behind every success.

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