About cyphace


To share, inspire, and connect with others in contributing for the good cause of dance community as a whole and helping to raise awareness for the generations to come.


To be first and foremost seen as a group that provides avenue of information, hope and motivation within the dance community and witness others life worth of giving.

Why we are doing this

Our passion in dancing motivate us to form a group that participate on the growing dance community in the country. We use this opportunity as our medium to give the knowledge and talent that each of our team had in reaching the interest of people that wants to grow in the beautiful art of expressing yourself.

People who appreciate the art of dancing will carefully look at it with meaning. We do! It is one of the reasons why we take part in dance community. As a dancer we like to impart the values that we learned and its impact on the way we see the dance community.

Not only talent, knowledge, and values that we give but also the opportunity to get involve with the people in dance community. This website focus to serve as a platform for those who enjoy watching and contributing to see the growth of each person.


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