UP Motions fundraising workshop are just one way to help those who are in need. An update from its beneficiary.

UP Motions: Fundraising Workshop

Recently, UP Motions conducted a dance workshop name “AikCan Dance with MYK” that engaged number of dancers within the dance community to spread their passion towards dancing into a way of supporting and caring for others who are in need.

The workshop have gain funds to help Myk’s father undergo treatment for his pancreatic cancer. This was indeed a tough battle for them.

AIKCAN Dance with MYK

A Fundraising Dance Workshop headed by the UP Motions members with participation of their baby organization. The workshop was conducted on October 21, 2017 at Celebrity Sports Plaza.


The Fight goes on. . .

It was with uncertainty for us to know what would tomorrow might bring us but rest assured that if we put our mind into the truth and promises of the historical and ever-present fact that there is hope in the name of Jesus. There is no backing down for such a battle.

Albao vs CA August 31 picure

Picture of Mr. Albao with his shirt quoting: “Nothing is Impossible with GOD”. A portion of the Bible verse from Matthew 19:26

A timely and inspirational message for us to continue holding on with God’s word once we came into his knowledge and faith. Such message is clear with Mr. Albao as he make his body and mind ready into anything that might happen along the way.

Let’s look into his journey of continues fight against such disease.

Continues support efforts

As time flies, close friends are continually supporting Mr. Albao by initiating different kinds of efforts and fundraising activities. There are those who pray for his continues recovery and the success of his treatments. Those that help him and visit him in hospitals. His own family that continuously encouraging him and caring for him and the community that know and work with Mr. Albao.

Friends bought Merchansides shirt to support AikCancervive

If you are the one who understand and know what fight he is facing right now and you are touched by his friends and relatives. Don’t hesitate to reach your concern by sending him a message of encouragement or support through his own Facebook page: ALBAO vs. CA: Support Our Fight Against Pancreatic Cancer.

Shirt design: Rex Billones
Models: Angie Britanico, Phoebe Camalla, Hazel Abergos

Donate or Buy a Shirt?

If you are far from them but would like to support him you may as well send a little donation or just a Shirt expressing your good cheer for him. Please feel free to read the link for infromation: AikCancervive Shirts.

For donations please visit this link: ismael53cancerwarrior

Time to think and appreciate

All sufferings and trials on earth are always a venue to put us into a pause from our busy lives and cause us to think what really matters. We only have two hands which can hold a little of what we have in which this should make us realize that while we live, we ought to live in light of the reality that time passes by regardless of our identity. There will come a day where time will no longer be watched rather an eternity with the Lord even while we are still here on earth recognizing that without Him there’s nothing.

Atty. Aik Albao October 20 update

Recent update from Mr. Albao at Guangzhou, China last October 18, 2017 for his follow-up interventional therapy. Dr. Lin Jing told him that his bilirubin has now gone down to 45 from 80. Most results are normal, while some are just a little over or under the limit.

“I arrived here at Guangzhou, China last Oct. 18, 2017 for my follow-up interventional therapy.

Yesterday (Oct. 19), I had blood, urine and stool tests together with ECG and Ultrasound.
This morning, during the doctor’s usual visit, Dr. Lin Jing told me that my bilirubin has now gone down to 45 from 80. Most results are normal, while some are just a little over or under the limit.

My body is responding well to the treatment so my physical condition has improved. I can already have both the interventional therapy AND immunotherapy during this period of my treatment. PRAISE GOD!

I will be fasting at 12 midnight, then tomorrow morning (Oct. 21), some blood will be drawn from me. The said blood will be cultured for ten (10) days then injected back to my system on Oct. 30. This is the procedure called “immunotherapy”.

I will fast again starting 10:30 am. because the interventional therapy will be at 2:30 p.m. (Oct. 21). This is a localized chemotherapy thru an incision in my femoral artery going to the targeted pancreas. I will be at complete bed rest for 24 hours after the procedure.

EXTRA HELP is needed to raise the additional funds for this double treatment.

As the journey continue, let us pray for a successful and complete healing. GOD BLESS.”

– Mr. Aik Albao

For more updates:
Facebook: ALBAO vs. CA: Support Our Fight Against Pancreatic Cancer

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