A-Team Dedication Video with Sony Philippines

For all hard workers: You Do!

A-Team video clip dedication for all hard workers

Edited and shot by: Lexus Diestro
Special Thanks to: Sophia De la Rosa, Timothy Axibal, and Dulo MNL

A-Team Wins and Losses

As young as we are, we have given the physical ability to use all the faculties of our body from head to toe while we are still on our best physical condition and age. Fail to use as such would lead to idleness. We should not be trap on doing nothing because we don’t have what others have or we are not like the others who are.

Just as doing a simple task from your school or work would eventually be a big thing to those who had benefited from such a task that you successfully and creatively did. Being reminded that truly life is not what we think it should be. It always goes the opposite of what fairy tales or comics tell us. At that end, think. Otherwise it will be too late for you to take another step to change your course. We will always be a people of the now. To be lazy or idle means to be lazy or idle now but to be starting and thinking means to start and think now.

There would always be a big difference from doing nothing to starting with something no matter how little it is. Being reminded by one of the well-known quote that comes from a man whose life work was an American football player, coach, college athletics administrator, and professional sports executive. Was selected to the National Football Foundation Hall of Fame. Honored with a Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum “Court of Honor” plaque by the Coliseum commissioners because of his contribution to sports in Los Angeles says and quote:

“When the going gets tough, let the tough get going.”

– Frank Leahy

And. . . from A-Team own post and qoute:

It’s about your journey towards a goal. Your path to success. It’s never easy and, most of the time, it’s not for everybody. People will ignore you. Circumstances will undermine you. Opportunities will belittle you. Some will leave you.

But you do it anyway.

Because no one has realized the dream like YOU DO. People will always talk, but you always work. Dedicated to all the hard workers out there. This video is for you, for those who believe in their dream and work hard for it.

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