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Just like a regular day-to-day basis, we consider exercise to be part of our healthy lifestyle. We woke up early to have a long walk or for a jog. We know that our body need preparation before facing hard work. Having such lifestyle make your body prepare and mind ready to carry out something in your work, school or projects.

By doing so, it will eventually become a good habit for your body to keep and support. Taking in to consideration the food we eat and the environment, we know that technology and science brought us far from what we just thought impossible on the past. This changes brought a big challenge on our daily life which affects on how we manage time, the way we think, our health and the society.

To cope with wide range of changes, we need to think ahead and be more creative to engage along with the difference that arises. Such as these would help us keep and support the good habit that we should be keeping with concerning our healthy lifestyle. One of those habit that we must keep up with is by making different exercise fun. So we arrive on what we now call dancing.

Dancing have a lot to offer for our body. It’s not only for a show of talent but it can also be for your daily exercise. Nowadays different branches and culture of dance became part of the dancing term. knowing those would definitely help you pick what would best fit your lifestyle as well as your health.

Contributed by: Julie Jules
Best U: Movement & Wellness Notes about the Benefits of Dancing

Benefits of Dancing from Best U Movement and Wellness Facebook Note

Studies show that dancing offers a range of physical and mental benefits that would keep us in good shape. We’ve put a short list of good benefits that we might get from dancing:
  1. Improved conditioning of heart and lungs.
  2. Increased muscular strength, endurance and motor fitness.
  3. Increased aerobic fitness.
  4. Improved muscle tone and strength.
  5. Weight management.
  6. Stronger bones and reduced risk of osteoporosis.
  7. Better coordination, agility and flexibility.
  8. Improved balance and spatial awareness.
  9. Increased physical confidence.
  10. Improved mental functioning.
  11. Improved general and psychological well-being.
  12. Greater self-confidence and self-esteem.
  13. Better social skills.
  14. Boost and improve your memory.
  15. Reduces stress.
  16. Improved flexibility to reduce stiffness and ease joint pain.

After all dancing are not for those who only have talent to dance. We all need to take care of our body, dancing is just one of the ways to make exercise fun.


We say there’s always room for improvement as an encouragement to those that lack the skills from which they are required to have in order to pass the qualifications. Boosting one morale does not only come from one sided view. It is more effective when we find ourselves in a position of improvement which primarily benefits those who look at things the other way.

A failure of the one is always an opportunity of the many personal character evaluation and improvement. We must learn how to receive words of comfort and encouragement while balancing the negative response from the crowd of spectators. In order to stand fixed on the shaking ground, one should have laid the foundation to make that ground strong and stable. In doing so, that person would be able to avoid ending in a pleasing-the-crowd cycle. Rather it will help him to be wise in choosing beneficial circumstances and challenges that would improve him along the way.

If you stumble, make it part of the dance.

– Anonymous

We are vulnerable to many things but that does not mean we cannot be good enough. To think that way, shows that we do not practice the two sided view of situation. We reputed back negatively to the negative source of our self instead of using the ability of our mind to filter from the negative what could be of the positive. Yes it is true that we are vulnerable as human but that is not true when it comes to the gift of mind. Unless born disabled, we are all gifted to have the ability to think, to learn, to create, to consider, to meditate and to evaluate. That power should be use as a filter of the negative so that from one side we could turn it into the other side just as the quote stated. If you stumble to anything, make that stumbling part of the beautiful story you are making.

Movement exist before you are made, it was there. Motion indicates living things. If there was no hint of tiny movement despite of long observation we may assume that life doesn’t exist. Wherever you turn you won’t see a pause for a second or two. How much more if we shift our mind into the reality of our modern age. Where technology itself pushes to define time.

We cannot help but to nod our head and accept the fact that time flies fast. You won’t realize it unless you took hold of it by both hands just to find out the uncertainty of our short life. Yet even with this short life, it was given to us not to redefine the intended purpose of our life. Rather to know that purpose and use it wisely and thankfully for the good that comes with it.

Don’t just Dance . . . Move the World ! ! !

– Rowan Nath

In every movement that you see around you and in the things that you do, do not jump into conclusion that there’s no life in it. Rather, look deeply and know that with every stroke of your pen and every sway of your hands there’s a purpose in which your simple movement can move the World.

If you dance; give your best. If you sing; give your best. If you teach; give your best. Live and be your best. These are not the answer on “when to define” your life. It should be your life that you give your best because there’s always the little ones that looks at you and learn from you.

You know when that boy grew up, you should expect that your every move was moving his world.

A-Team awarding stolen shot
One of A-Team choreographers cup 2017 competition that took place at Groove Central Dance Studio last January 28. Such amazing dancers that compete to be recognize among the best choreographers in the Philippines dance community. Being a champion with your career that you work passionately brings satisfaction and a value to itself. Stolen photo in courtesy of Allan Culanay.

A trumpet had sounded and you are captivated by what you heard. You didn’t realize that you are heading on to the direction of the sound you heard. You’re mind is slowly being mold in uniform of the sound you heard. It’s a call you believe, It’s my destiny as your heart says. Yet you have no idea what will be your becoming. By such captivating sound you’ve fallen, fallen but not toward doom or hopelessness. Fallen toward your destiny. Your destiny that is mark by your every step of searching the call you heard.

A search with a cloud of uncertainty a head of you. But in your heart you know that call. You know your call and you continue living that call. Providence of discernment, knowledge, understanding has been given to you since before you heard that trumpet call. Yet as you continue on your searching, you notice that life is not as dull as you think before. You see a glimpse of light in array before your eyes. You find it fascinating and indeed it was. You begin to start dwelling into it until you became one with that sound.

People have asked me why I chose to be a dancer.
I did not choose. I was chosen to be a dancer,
and with that, you live all your life.

– Matha Graham

Still searching, just like life that we have. Searching for something that will give us joy or satisfaction. But in these we fail to see that satisfaction is not a long journey to meet. It’s at your heart yet at the deep room of your soul. Such unfolding of that inner realization gives you value that produce satisfaction ahead of your life searching days.

I’ve seen mine while I am still living my life. I can say that my every step of searching that trumpet sound is along the way satisfying to me.

It takes practice to develop one skill. It takes serious discipline and mind condition to achieve daily goals. From a passionate heart these could be done. But dancing is not only for those who learned and developed it but also to those who have the gift of dancing.

The difference laid on these two: there are those who through experience and practice achieved a desired status in dancing and those who have the gift of dancing that even at their beginnings could recognize such amazing future ahead of them.

It takes an athlete to dance,
but an artist to be a dancer

– S. Lafleur

We have now different form of style and dynamics in dancing. Different techniques and cultural influence are being used to produce originality. These are the trend that we see dance goes. Despite of varieties, you could see that not all who dance can dance uniquely. There are only a few, and these few are the real artist of dancing. An artist know not only how to dance physically but also the heart and soul of it which make their dance a masterpiece performance.

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