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We are constantly eye-witness of the changes that surrounds our daily life. So much of these changes affect the way we see and interact with them. When these conditions overcome us, our very self tends to be comfortable of the things we get used to. No wonder that at time, when we get to a certain place that we are not accustomed to be. We tend to feel foreign. In that case, we open for another new changes that we need to be able to cope up from such condition. If unnoticed, we wouldn’t be able to see that we are gradually becoming different.

I’m not so interested in how they move
as in what moves them.

– Pina Bausch

Being a different person is not bad as long as it is for goodness sake. Putting this into other perspective will make a difference. For us to see the significance of such condition we are to look not on the outside of things unknown to us but rather see the reason behind such personal changes in preparation of the unknown.


A pause to ponder: Do we keep a close look on the way we treat our neighbors? Sounds like hitting only the surface of reality. Maybe you are part of those who agree among the billions of people in earth, such a task is quite a noble thing to do. The task is fairly easy if we aim to please others at our best but that doesn’t qualify us from the whole point of the question. What if we consider not only the good but those neighbors that would intentionally harm us despite of pleasing them at our best. Then the conclusion of the answer will be different.

The truth is we are not capable of pleasing all our neighbors. It’s not our obligation to do so on the first place. To change this, I suggest that instead of pleasing all of them, why not just mind our own business for the purpose of keeping good and peaceful social environment. Not resorting to tolerance but rather self-discipline and self-control. We are all human and we do fall into mistakes. Blaming others wouldn’t help and discouragements would not uplift ones heart.

Dancing is moving to the music without stepping on anyone’s toes,
pretty much the same as life.

– Robert Brault

What was done we cannot undo. Since this world have already undergone such good and bad phenomenal events, lets learn from those that bring light in and heap hope to those who are at their despair instead of the bad that made everything worst during their generation until now.

People are not a robot that we can easily fix, it is our character that mostly influence our choices. By going on that self-discipline and self-control track, we will be able to free ourselves from what hold us back and achieved the good that we can all have.

Just like a regular day-to-day basis, we consider exercise to be part of our healthy lifestyle. We woke up early to have a long walk or for a jog. We know that our body need preparation before facing hard work. Having such lifestyle make your body prepare and mind ready to carry out something in your work, school or projects.

By doing so, it will eventually become a good habit for your body to keep and support. Taking in to consideration the food we eat and the environment, we know that technology and science brought us far from what we just thought impossible on the past. This changes brought a big challenge on our daily life which affects on how we manage time, the way we think, our health and the society.

To cope with wide range of changes, we need to think ahead and be more creative to engage along with the difference that arises. Such as these would help us keep and support the good habit that we should be keeping with concerning our healthy lifestyle. One of those habit that we must keep up with is by making different exercise fun. So we arrive on what we now call dancing.

Dancing have a lot to offer for our body. It’s not only for a show of talent but it can also be for your daily exercise. Nowadays different branches and culture of dance became part of the dancing term. knowing those would definitely help you pick what would best fit your lifestyle as well as your health.

Contributed by: Julie Jules
Best U: Movement & Wellness Notes about the Benefits of Dancing

Benefits of Dancing from Best U Movement and Wellness Facebook Note

Studies show that dancing offers a range of physical and mental benefits that would keep us in good shape. We’ve put a short list of good benefits that we might get from dancing:
  1. Improved conditioning of heart and lungs.
  2. Increased muscular strength, endurance and motor fitness.
  3. Increased aerobic fitness.
  4. Improved muscle tone and strength.
  5. Weight management.
  6. Stronger bones and reduced risk of osteoporosis.
  7. Better coordination, agility and flexibility.
  8. Improved balance and spatial awareness.
  9. Increased physical confidence.
  10. Improved mental functioning.
  11. Improved general and psychological well-being.
  12. Greater self-confidence and self-esteem.
  13. Better social skills.
  14. Boost and improve your memory.
  15. Reduces stress.
  16. Improved flexibility to reduce stiffness and ease joint pain.

After all dancing are not for those who only have talent to dance. We all need to take care of our body, dancing is just one of the ways to make exercise fun.

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