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Sway by enchantment


Privilege is what we call when we are in a situation that is so beautiful and meaningful to experience despite of whether we are deserving to be or not. My mind fly searching for that old gone beauty that we encounter within the journey of time.

While sitting on a bench gazing upon an old oak tree, opposite from where I am was a child walking slowly towards an open place near the riverside. At first I did not put my attention to her since my eyes went back to gaze the old oak tree wondering about its mystery. It leaves me no words to utter by its reality. Though my mind try to grasp the mystery of an old oak tree standing head high. Strong, despite of the years that passed by. Tall, regardless on how it is bound and fenced by people fashionable of modern-day. Lively as it is swayed by the wind of the earth. A beautiful subject for an artist masterpiece. This nature life that passes on my curious mind intrigue me.

Aware of my surroundings, I look back to the child that walks slowly away from me. I notice that she is farther from me than before. On her little arm was a tied balloon suspended above her, about a 3-feet high over her head. The sun was about to set, while looking at her a sudden burst of light array towards my eyes. In a glimpse of a second, I am mesmerize by what my eyes just saw. Then my mind rolled away from the mystery of an old oak tree towards that glimpse of sun light.

Aha!, another ray of beauty it was. Then my mind went on fascinated by the fact that despite of the distance the sun was, despite the darkness of the space. It unfolds anew on the old and common surrounding that my eyes see. This became a mystery to me that my mind can’t find words to utter.

While trying to hold a second of that passing scene, I look back again to the child who have a tied balloon on her arm. This time she is even further than before. Delight by such lively little steps of her, I stand and walk toward her direction while I am trying to look around hoping for a new nature life moment. This time, it was different. This was even more beautiful compared to the old oak tree swayed by the wind of the earth; the leaves that fall swaying down to the ground; the grass that is blown by the wind creating a refreshing sound with the gentle flowing water on the river.

Much beautiful than what I can find from the nature itself. Nature struck my eyes and leave a moment of delight. Yet that moment didn’t last for a long time. A moment from nature that gradually change. That truth Speak back to me, it can never be the same. What I just saw for a second would not be the same on the next hour. What I just have for a moment cannot be for a life time yet my mind still looking for satisfaction. An enchantment that will last for a life time or maybe — just maybe for eternity.

This time I gaze at her. The child with a tied balloon on her arm. This time I gaze at the way she walk. I gaze her free little swaying arms trying to catch the wind. I gaze her hair gracefully following her as she moves. I gaze her little dress that bounces every time she make a leap. I gaze her even more while she walk beside the riverside. While my mind try to grasp the beauty that is greater than what I previously saw from the nature life. A sudden thought rush into my head. This become a distraction to me while focusing to what my mind want to see.

A thought of truth. A thought of reality. I realize that people is different. Before, I thought what I saw from the nature life is same to people but I found it far in comparison. Nature is only a shadow of true beauty. People is far beautiful than nature life in itself. While gazing at her every move. At her every joyful leap. I notice Her eyes also gaze to another. She is trying to catch something that my eye can’t see. While wondering about her I find myself gradually enjoying. Deep in me was something.

My heart started to feel warm within me. This happened during sunset near the riverside in an open place where the wind is freely breathing over the trees and the grass and the falling leaves and to her hair and mine to her dress and my shirt. While I observe the setting and her, my mind fly. Oh I wish!, I wish I was at her youth. I wish I can do what she is doing. Leap over there, turn around, running from nowhere while smiling and enjoying the direction of the wind.

These things are inevitable reality of beauty. My heart feel young again. I am carried by such beauty. It was fairly dark when my sense came back to me. The child is gone, I realize that I am just standing far from where I sat before. I didn’t notice the passing moment of time. Yet, time is fleeting. Such delight cannot and must not be contained by time itself. Then my mind realized, I knew there is this eternity of joy. Not just a bliss of moment but an eternal one while on my way home.”


As a blogger in cyphace, I share a glimpse of story that regularly happen within the dance community in the Philippines. Story that shows different challenges, mixed emotions, hardships and dedication. Inspirational quotation and influential people behind every success.

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