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Success: First cyphace held workshop

cyphace contributors at the first workshop

Success: First cyphace held workshop

Needless to say that those who have passion for something that really inspires will go out and share with others what they have within. These are just a few of what makes a certain plan a success.

Cyphace was once an idea but now a reality that everyone can share, inspire and connect with. It took me a year just to give birth to something I know would be helpful and fun at the same time, including all the effort and hard work to keep all up. Despite all of that, what makes me keep on going is the good effect it will bring in the community. But to balance it there are also the down side as well. It wouldn’t be good to elaborate those but to keep it short and clean, I’ll put it in a statement like this:

“Life is not the same for everybody but remember if we see things that are not good it is a sign for us to pause ourselves and re-evaluate our hearts to see if we are still down on the ground with humility.”

The Workshop

To spice cyphace up, we make a step forward which brings us from online to real-time interaction within the dance community life. There we are, from planning to chatting and inviting with promoting and sharing until the day of facilitating cyphace first workshop. It was indeed a long list of task and assignment for us to do but working with passionate contributors and a mix of prayer and faith we are able to keep everything a light.

Adam Alonzo Class

Adam Alonzo gave a step forward for those dancers who attended the class. They’ve practice and dance along with a Pinoy Rock song entitled “Tatsulok” by Bamboo. The dancers experience Adam Alonzo urban choreography where he teaches to learn dancing in-tune with the song regardless of its genre.

Cyphace first workshop group picture with Ada Alonzo

Cha Calubaquib Class

Cha Calubaquib introduce her Femme style of dancing to her mixed attendee of dancers. She open her class with a light greeting and background about her career. They progress the workshop in tune with one of Dance/Electronic Pop Song entitled “A Different Way” by DJ Snake ft. Lauv. A dance that exaggerated feminine movements influenced by ballet, jazz and modern dance.

Cyphace first workshop group picture with Cha Calubaquib


That three hours of dance workshops lasted with a new dance community experience. It gave us a closer look into the community social circle and the possibility of new friends to count. A new chapter has just begun to dive deeper and find treasures that are worth more than the material things that we have. Thank you Adam Alonzo, Cha Calubaquib and those who attend cyphace first workshop. Looking forward to have you again for another dance community experience.

Photos and Video By: Allan Culanay and Ray Claros


As a blogger in cyphace, I share a glimpse of story that regularly happen within the dance community in the Philippines. Story that shows different challenges, mixed emotions, hardships and dedication. Inspirational quotation and influential people behind every success.

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