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Quote: Workout

Quote: Workout

When you begin to do an active exercise, you need proper discipline, a daily routine and balance lifestyle. This will help build your body to a shape and engage your mind to meet your goal.

Same with dancing. Your way of dance change when you push further into a scale.

Dance is a physical and mental workout.
Once you get your body moving, you’ll see a difference.

– kathryn McCormick

Dance not only because its your hobby or past time. Dance to build your body and your mind.

The success of one thing is because of the many trials you go through to meet the goal of that success. Keep working yourself out so that when you do it, whether its just a hobby or not, you’ll be able to bring it into that goal.


As a blogger in cyphace, I share a glimpse of story that regularly happen within the dance community in the Philippines. Story that shows different challenges, mixed emotions, hardships and dedication. Inspirational quotation and influential people behind every success.

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