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Photo: Boogie & Break with DAAB

NDC indak studio
DAAB – Dance As A Being with Boogie & Break fundraising event

As you strive to win and do the best you can, time won’t fail you. As long as you continue to keep on doing the best that you can, you will be a winner. On that day you will remember, that when a nobody continue to strive he will be a somebody that will make him appreciate those that are still nobody before.

Below are selected photos of participants that expresses their achievement and satisfaction of the held event by MAD Events Ph and SXM.

Boogie & Break
Congratulates all winners!

Vin Castaneda

Dizzy Jayy Raymundo

Two other participants (left and right) with one of the Boogie & Break Judge (center)

Boogie & Break extend their warm gratitude to those who join their event and a further thanks for those who, not only join their event but, also give for the good sake of Loving Street Children PH organization.

DAAB – Dance As A Being

Coming from the first part of the event held by “DAAB – Dance As A Being” a two (2) hours program that talks about using acquired knowledge in dancing for an effective and broad use and an advise for dancers to have an adequate basis on how to weigh each dance class for a fair exchange. DAAB focuses to help each aspiring dancers to be aware about the different aspects of being a dancer and how it affects the dance community in general.

Participants Positivity

Not only that they deserve what they work hard for but their winning brings them further than what they already have. As a fundraising event, all their donations are being ushered by their team to be brought to Loving Street Children PH Organization. From the moment they saw DAAB and Boogie & Break event upto the day it was held. Their efforts continue to touch those that are mostly in need of much attention.

Loving Street Children PH

A new collaborative community that is committed in Building meaningful Relationships with abandoned & unprivileged children. As a community we envision for every child in slums and the street to experience the Love of God that will motivate them to love which springs from hope and are express through joy. The event proceeds will be handled by their team to help the most in need community of the nation, the poor children in slums and the street. Please do share and spread the word for the nation awareness of helping such precious child which could have a great future ahead of them.

To know more about Loving Street Children PH and how you may help those precious child you may visit their social media accounts and their website links below. Watch the video below to help you see one out of many activities they do.

Know more:
Website: Loving Street Children PH
Facebook: Loving Street Children PH
Youtube: Loving Street Children PH


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