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Opening of East Side Dance Studio

Rise and Shine for those newly opened establishement. One of those are the East Side Dance Studio located along Marcos Highway, sitting between Wilcon Depot and AMA College.

Thinking of having a business from the start is not an easy task to drive through. It's a mix emotion of joy, uncertainties, worries and problems. Yet those who thrive and planned will surely have it.

It's exciting to think of a business that you want to run and feel comfortable with. It's not just once in a big time plan. There should be a continues acquiring of knowledge and ideas from different sources. Once you've gathered information and resources then you begin a smooth sail of putting together those important blocks towards good operation.

Eastside Dance Studio is one of those that climb on the industry ladder. They've made their long awaited plan become a real studio. A physical place to locate and offered services with different recreational activities you want to take part.

They are just starting, a lot of suprises awaits for their first pioneering customers. Big projects will soon happen so grab the opportunities as they make their first big year.

Stay in touch with the East Side portfolio.


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