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MPC Hip-Hop session Vol. IV

MPC Hip-Hop session Vol. IV Banner
MPC Hip-Hop session Vol. IV
Friday, July 21, 2017 at MPC Campus. Poster design credit to Mark Jim Callos

Marikina Polytechnic College Hip hop Session Volume. lV

Fundraising event
Reppin Down Crew • East Side Dance Community • Triskelion MPC Chapter

Dj: Dj Nadzty
Emcee: Harvey
Battle fee: 50 per head
Audience fee: Free
Battle fee: Php. 50
Award: Medal, Certificate and Trophy

MPC Campus

Morning battle for student:
1 on 1 rap battle

Paul Bayang with fiends
(Beatbox showcase)

Battle Proper Starts: 1:00 p.m.

2 on 2 all style
2 on 2 Bboy

All style judge:
Smoothalex (East Side)
Markuro (Mad Crew, EastSide)
Dizzy Jay (EastSide, Rizal Underground)

Bboy judge:
Bboy Lunar (Zulu pinas, Reppin down)
Bboy Best (Reppin Down, Style Bandits)
Bboy Rekkin (FunkRoots Crew)

Rules of school:
No sando
No short
No Slippers

Support by:
Redeemed Production
Marikina Municipality
East Side Dance Community
Tau Gamma Phi Sigma MPC Chapter
Reppin Down Crew
Moon Drip Designs by Mark Jim Callos
Bani Logroño

To Register send below info to this page:
Name/crew, group team/category

For more details please visit this FB page. Thank you so much!

Let’s support our local jam.
Don’t forget to SAVE the DATE!


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