In memory of the Best B-Girl the Philippines ever had: Eyevee

Art of Dancing

In the art of dancing, your audience is the primary recipient of your expression. Dance is designed to communicate with your body. That communication should not make your expression ugly at the front rather it should be an artistic design for your audience to see. Your body should transmit peace while drawing an abstract picture that you have in your mind for your audience to see. Very important that a dancer should know how precious the art of dancing is just as singing. Without this in mind, dancing would fall on a value worth cheaper than we would like it to have.

Constant Changes

Moving to reality, not all of us are in the same shoes. There are those who are not as much as others. Circumstances that make it difficult for us to see how we may fit in. But having the right perspective in life would help us align our goal despite the storm. It’s a world of difference to compare one from the other but if we might find someone who stand-out among the crowd, that would be for the benefit of others. It’s an open door to know, see, understand and learn so that we may build our person, our moral and our relationship that would make our own story part of the pages of history.

Sudden loss

As time passes by, people within the community had witness those people that really stand-out. Those that shared their life to its fullness in different areas as such: An idea that progress which brought a big change to the country and families; Inspirational advise coming from sober-minded people, teachers and coaches; A model that children look up to; sportsmanship; Charity efforts; Community services; Just judicial laws and good government services. These are people who have their mind-set for the good of others with all honesty and truthfulness.

One of those that stand-out is part of the dance community in the Philippines. A person that touches many lives and inspire others. This September a sudden turn of events came about upon reading over some of her friends social media accounts with an unexpected news that brought deep sadness to the hearts of many people who has been touched by her life and services with others due to her passing.

Being part of dance community and as requested by one of cyphace contributors that this short tribute post was made. Through the help of her friends, dance crews, co-workers, colleagues and different communities that she’s been part of. Let this be a reminder for us that life is worth living according to the pattern by which it was designed.

In memory of

Ivy Illene Lobrin wedding picture

Ivy Lobrin Sia

From Selected photos, videos and social media posts

At times like this, we couldn’t help our self but to recall memories with her that was cherished. As I was searching her name on Facebook and asking her friends about Ivy, I was a bit startled about their response mixed with joy and willingness. Just from their responses, a spark of interest draws me on getting to know who Ivy is and how she treasured her friends and the community she interact with. Until I messaged her college twin that helps me see the entire Ivy as a person.

Through her story among others that I’ve contacted and searched with helps me see the picture of why Ivy was indeed one of the Best B-Girl Philippine ever had and the influence she made to other community beside dancing.

From one of Ivy’s close friend and Twin, ML Magdalera. Her memories about Ivy. I quote:

Well Ivy and I first met in our freshmen PE volleyball class. She wasn’t much of a player and was actually scared of the ball so when we were put on the same team, I decided to help out by telling her to just move if she can’t handle the ball and I will hit for her as much as I can. Then I saw her again next semester as we were in the same Streetjazz class.

It was taught then by now our first ever dance coach and UP Streetdance Club and The Crew founder. When sir Dimalanta decided to form one of the first hiphop crews (collegiate) in the Philippines, he recruited Ivy and I be part of the 10 founding members. It was definitely an honor for us to be chosen. That’s when we started our late night practices and battle to be known and accepted by the campus audience.

We started slow but before I moved back to the states in 2001, The Crew started to have its followings and held its first dance concert. Ivy and I remained in contact throughout the years and would try to meet up every time I visited Philippines. When she decided to leave The Crew and explore bgirling, I was very supportive of her. I told her that she should do whatever makes her happy.

She then cofounded Philippine All Stars and was even the first person who told me about Hiphop International. She intended for us to catch up in California if she ended up competition with the team. I’ve been watching that dance competition ever since then!

Ivy continued to become a legend in the Philippines through dance while I humbly taught high school here in the states. When she left the dance world to teach, I was even more excited because, once again, we had the same passion. Ivy was an amazing friend. She was always smiling and reminding me to always forgive and enjoy life to the fullest. I will miss her.

Another good memory of Ivy’s friend from Airdance, Fatima Palma Loo. I quote:

. . .I first met you at airdance 15 years ago, skinny, silent but kind. Little did I know you were a monster on the floor. Doing head hollows while asking everyone if it is good enough or not (you made it look it really easy). You were that bgirl that moved like a bboy and battled even if you have bad eyesight (which was your advantage) You were so much of a bboy that on my debut, we all had to convince you to wear a dress and put on make up, because you really did not want to. I got shocked when you showed up in my debut wearing a dress for the first time. As it turned out, you were really a beautiful woman disguised as a bgirl.

You’ve won and lost battles but did not fail to smile at all times. You kept your passion for dancing that you set aside your dreams of having your own family for the longest time and that I salute you for.

Thank you Ivy Illene Lobrin for all the good memories, I did not need to write all of it anymore, because you and I already know them. Airdance was my home and everyone there I consider family, it felt like I lost a sister somehow. I honestly couldn’t look at you on your white bed but I had gained strength to do so, just because I felt I should see you for the last time. Thank you for devoting your life to two of the best things a human can do: dance and teach. I would never wonder why your students will not miss you, not just because you’re talented but because your kindness supercede everything. . .

Those are only a few who had been touched by Ivy’s life in dance community while the list of her friends last messages goes on. Let’s take a look at her selected photos within dance community.

From Dance Community

One of her B-Girl battle match

She was known for her B-Girl name “Eyevee” within the dance community and indeed was known by many dancers in the Philippines. But Ivy is not just a B-Girl, when it comes to community. She was also involved in Arts, Teaching and Sharing communities.

As I continue reading posts and comments, I did not hesitate to look on the other side of Ivy’s career. Little did I know that Ivy also love arts and teaching. Surprisingly, after many meet-ups with her friends she eventually decided to teach leaving a legacy that wouldn’t only be for dancing rather for those that would be learning from her.

One of the memories with Ivy was from Life Academy, I quote:

It is our sad moment in Life Academy Community in the sudden passing away of our Arts Provider and Teacher Mrs. Ivy Illene Lobrin Sia and her 4 month old baby boy in her womb this afternoon September 7, 2017.

She will be remembered as our champion of the visual arts, a pioneer of our arts program, and an excellent teacher who used visual arts in promoting student’s critical thinking, development of child’s inspirations and creation of masterpieces out of our children’s imagination.

May the good Lord embrace you and welcome you in His holy presence.
Our love and appreciation – Life Academy!

Ivy Illene Lobrin from Life Academy

Coming from her friends who love to listen and share about Ivy’s life story, from Jen Bilolo. I quote:

Thank you Ivy Illene Lobrin for sharing your life with us. Sobrang nagenjoy ako sa mga kwento mo samin tungkol sa mga dance competitions niyo dati, nagulat pa ako noon kasi hindi ko akalain na sobrang galing mo pala sumayaw na-aamazed ako sa mga kwento mo samin. Nakwento mo din samin yung tungkol sa mga students mo, tuwang tuwa ka nun habang kinukwento mo samin ang mga cute at talented mo students. Kitang kita ko din kung ganu mo ka love ang pagtuturo at ang mga students mo. Thank you sa time na nakasama at nakajam ka namin. I know masaya ka na ngayon kasi kapiling mo na si God. Rest in Peace Ivy.

Such an amazing girl who our young generation should look up to and be friends with. We do all have our own story to tell but what makes our story really stand-out is the character and relationship we have coming from the purpose of the life we received. Below are selected photos that Ivy have from being an Arts Teacher.

From Teaching and Sharing Community

And. . . the Final Words of All!

You will be Missed

Ivy Illene Lobrin photo of her memorial

On behalf of cyphace and dance community
we dedicate these tribute to

Ivy Illene Lobrin Sia

Thank you to her husband, family and her friends and love ones

God Bless us all

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