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Her story

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It came about when two men with their careful interest brought them together at their thinking desk. Wonderful time of the year, everybody is going about their own schedule and their plans for the whole coming quarter. Story begins by the name in which we will call him, Tancredi.

“Quiet surrounding. Gentle touch of the wind. Trees all around and plants with flowers. Oh! such a place to spend time clearing your thoughts. Despite of a hectic schedule, Tancredi spend his free time in such places. Sadly he can’t find enough time to spend a little longer. He does not even dare to escape his reality just for a shot of his inner longing. He did not want to forfeit the beauty of reality in expense of his own self-centered pleasure. He learned much to be content on what he had and what he will have along the way.

Tancredi work in a decent job with youthful and engaging co-workers. He love working with them, He is also one with those who want to start their day vibrant and fun. Responsibility is inescapable for Him. As a man, he consider it a sacred duty to do in sincerity and honesty of his belief.

Beside his daily duty, many things cross his mind. He want to try to explore in keeping with his current situation. He is looking for a challenge. He want an extra mile of responsibility. He want to jump further. There he began looking and sorting out what he might find a jump that will push him in a different scale of challenges along the way.”

Tancredi seems a quiet type person with much in mind. Mysterious it might sound as he ponder his thought contrary on what he might be doing. Yet, he make sure that what he will push through in his mind is clear and tested. Assuming it is, he can’t still ponder the certainty of such assumption. As he go along his course, confident and ready Tancredi may be, no doubt that he will still be needing another helping hand to communicate what he have in mind.

Time passed by, came the fifth Month of the year. People are on their whereabouts. Enjoying recreation and out-of-town trip. A lot are going on during the last month of summer in the Philippines. Fresh fruits and cool drinks to try. Yummy desserts and beautiful attraction to visit locally. Yet for the few it might be the same month like the others. Maybe frustration or work overload. Pressure in different sides or toxic duty. Various unexpected situation rise on the level of concern. Responsibilities to be carried with sobriety.

We can’t get through a lot of activities that we wish we might be doing but on the other hand there are still opportunities that we might grab along. For people who are in the other round of the clock, never mind whether you are in season or out of season. We still have time to taste what we missed on the past. A perspective that we might see with Farren.

“Love, attention, and care are values that are precious to Farren. A man with a gloomy past shape his affection in life. A father to his precious daughter and two sons. Caring wife that support and show the love that he knew he was cared for. Busy person, working in different field. Skilled and adaptive to his environment.

He communicate a lot and get along with people very much. Places such as city would be fun and exciting. A day or two would be different without being involved and active. No time must be waste, he wont lose the chance of enjoying. There’s a way of touching the fun, on the other hand, going home is a place of rest and silence. Despite of being a father in a modern culture where the view and norms become different while the demands of life arises.

Building family, enjoying with fellow workers in different places and a time of hobby are manageable with Farren. He is truly a potential! He is active on organizing a group of people with their dance hobby. Back to their college days where they dance after school. Even late at night, such passion Farren kept that contributed much on his life. In its deepest, the people who spend the time with him in his hobby became a second family to him. That’s where the strength and courage push him to look forward and never lose a bit of life with it.

He organize and share with his known friends that are going further with their passion. Passion that drive Farren off the bench and with a bit optimistic, continue the fight of his life with his known friends that knew him and care for him.”

That fifth month for both of them is the month were the challenging vision of Tancredi and the passion of Farren mixed. A chemistry that go together perfectly. Vision and Passion is the birth place of a beautiful name cyphace.

Tancredi and Farren are friends for a long time, long time where trust is built firmly. These cord of relationship between the two became easy for both of them to share and discuss their thoughts regarding the matter. A 6 months planning begins when the two came to agree in their respective concerns. Invitations, proposals and arrangement are being made for the venue, lights and sounds, photography and videography, possible sponsors, passionate performers and willing partnerships. Such are these became reality for both of them together with the group that Farren have. These took months of preparation excluding the months of thinking. Effort, strength and time are being spent to nourish her until that BIG day came about.

Groove X Production first event “cyphace: dance beyond spotlight” dated Oct. 9, 2016 at Teatro Marikina. Photo credit to NoGiCo Photography by Noel Gideon an independent photographer.
She very much resemble the meaning of their intentions. From insignificant life, an ordinary and everyday people. Without a need of a headline. A people of no interest to be notice of their own but that they might help others to achieve their passion specifically in the art of dancing. They see meaning came to life in every action of people who like to express their inner voice through dynamic movements. A flow of the body connecting the spirit within with the fuel of music to spread the fire of passion that they have through dancing.

Cyphace has its root from the two that value their trust and the ignite of one vision and the passion of the other to make this wonderful story of the many that will soon be unfold.


As a blogger in cyphace, I share a glimpse of story that regularly happen within the dance community in the Philippines. Story that shows different challenges, mixed emotions, hardships and dedication. Inspirational quotation and influential people behind every success.

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