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ebNaturals Dance Craze

Dance Craze of Gandang Natural Extended

ebNaturals Dance Craze

Contest Duration Extended
Until November 30, 2017

Contest Mechanics

  1. Each member of the group MUST like the official facebook account of EB Naturals
  2. Create a dance choreography using our official jingle “Gandang EB Naturals, Puting Natural” upload and tag us your video with the hashtag #GandangEBNaturalsPutingNatural
  3. The Video should consist of any EB Naturals products (Beauty Soaps and Skin Care products)
  4. A representative from each participating group must submit their Dance Group profile picture (PDF format) together with the link of their video performance posted on YouTube and Facebook to this e-mail address: with the subject: “Gandang EB Naturals Puting Natural Dance Craze (Online Registration)”
  5. You will automatically receive a notification if your entry is valid.
  6. The video MUST be clear otherwise it will be rejected. Daylight shooting is recommended.
  7. Each group should have a minimum of four (4) and a maximum of ten (10) members.
  8. Groups are required to prepare a dance number of not more than two (2) minutes.
  9. The winning choreography will be the official dance step of our Gandang EB Naturals, Puting Natural jingle.

Criteria for judging

Performance Level: 40%
Creativity: 50%
Facebook and Youtube Impact: 10%
Total: 100%

For inquiries and more, visit:
EB Naturals



As a blogger in cyphace, I share a glimpse of story that regularly happen within the dance community in the Philippines. Story that shows different challenges, mixed emotions, hardships and dedication. Inspirational quotation and influential people behind every success.

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