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Blessed day is it! to hear a wonderful preaching from our Pastor. I am ready Awhina to face this long week ahead of me. She unhesitatingly nod and smile back as Dennis hurried going home.

That’s how Dennis began his day. It was past sunset, after Dennis helped his 60 years old mother from hanging washed clothes, he then prepared their meal for dinner. Dennis younger brother just arrived home from school working with a bunch of projects.

Dennis greet him in a joyful tone, “Welcome home Lil Bro.” His brother replied “I am tired and hungry. Do we have food to eat?” Dennis quickly respond “Yes, just finished cooking. Let’s eat together Mom!”

While they were eating, Dennis notice his younger brother,

“Why do you look sad Lil Bro.? Does school getting tough these days?” “Yes” he honestly respond. “Our professor demand a lot from us student.” “. . . I see. . . you know Lil Bro. about my work right?” replied Dennis. “Yes. . . you are a coach for a living.” his Lil Bro. answered. Then goes on with his Lil Bro. conversation.

After eating, His Lil Bro. was assigned to wash the dishes while Dennis went to bed early. Dennis is the one helping his Lil Bro. finished his studies so that he will be able to find good career for his future. He treasure the time they spent with each other. His father passed away at the age of 55. From then on, He took the responsibility of taking care all that his father left behind. He sustain their financial needs while trying to be a father figure to his Lil Bro.

– Showing concern and giving an ear is essential to Dennis. –

Second day of the week — Dennis woke up at 5:00 a.m. in the morning to prepare everything before he leave the house for work. He make sure that when his mother and younger brother woke up they will not worry about him.

On his way to work, Dennis prompted by the conversation he had with his Lil Bro. yesterday, kept the matter at the back of his mind. His Sunday bliss gradually turn to a dawn. Feeling awkward about himself, he try to cover his emotion by focusing his attention towards the day with his student.

“Good Morning!” with a big smile on his face greeting his student. Though he emotionally struggle, Dennis confidently face the day teaching and training his student.

His class comes to a close. The student carry their bags and went out of the room. Left behind, Dennis take time to scrutinize the class and evaluate himself. While reviewing, his mind went back. Back to his Lil Bro. situation.

“I know that my Lil Bro. have a hard time with his school projects. I wish I could help him much as I can do right now. The only thing that I might help him despite of our time difference is to show my support and encourage him to focus on his studies.” Since the time he start working with projects he come home late. After evaluating and pondering, Dennis prayed, close the room and went to his next class.

At every class he handled, he will recall all that had happen in his mind to evaluate everything including himself while jotting down important issues. He will then pray before going straight home.

“Hello Mom!, I’m home” then he kiss his mother’s forehead. His mother is always happy every time she saw her two sons safe home. Dennis will then cook food for dinner and wait for his Lil. Bro. His mother will eat first since he needs to sleep early due to old age. Dennis will accompany his mother while eating, He will talk about the good stuff and good memories together. They will laugh and at times felt sad for reasons.

– Finding opportunity, implementing creative ways and
means is part of Dennis ingredients –

11:00 p.m., his Lil Bro. just arrived. He thought that no one is awake, but to his surprise.

“Who’s there?” Dennis ask with caution. “It’s me” Lil Bro. replied. He calmly open the door, confident that it was his Lil Bro., “Did you ate your dinner?” ask Dennis. “No older brother” as Lil Bro. confess “sorry for keeping you up so late.” Dennis replied, “It’s okay as long as you are safe home.” and then ask him to eat.

They ate together as Dennis began sharing his day and things that might encourage his Lil Bro.

Third day of the week — Dennis as usual, woke up early and prepare everything that needs to be prepared then off to work. Early on the room while waiting his student for the session, he scheme a new approach — coming from the his own evaluation — toward his style of teaching and training to see if that will make progress for his student skills. The class began, the students attentively listen while Dennis gave his opening words. A warmth greeting followed by a challenging statement and interactive discussion. The student attentively listen and notice the different approach that their coach is doing; they gave attentive participation compared to their previous sessions. Dennis saw the improvement of his student in participation and interest than before. He notice many areas of strengths as well as weakness that needs focus. Class is over, as Dennis wait for his student to leave, one of his student walk towards his direction and chat with him. After chatting a bit the student left. Dennis list down all the changes that he saw and evaluate the class including himself. After that, he went on the next class with the same approach.

– Met need followed by improvement is
Dennis focus towards higher goal and Success –

On his way home, he saw Awhina, his church mate. Awhina smiled towards Dennis and ask “How are you?”. Dennis replied “I’m fine, just heading home from work.” Awhina looking straight on his eye know how Dennis work hard in sustaining and caring his family while struggling to meet the demands of his work. Awhina anticipated the stress and pressure that Dennis face. She ask her gently, “is there something you want me to pray for you? You seems tired and worn out.” Dennis reply, “Yes please, I need it badly.” After making known his prayer request to Awhina, he bid her goodbye and went home.

Dennis felt a bit at peace when Awhina offered him a prayer request. Since then Dennis get in touch with Awhina often through social media or with his free time meeting her for a talk over a meal. Dennis at home, helped her mother; encouraging her and making her feel loved and happy in simple ways. While building strong and open relationship with his Lil Bro. making sure that he is on the right track having right values and goals.

Dennis knew that his Lil Bro. will be able to finish his schooling as long as he is able to help him and be a father like figure for him to look upon. The same way with his students, he know that there are certain things that needs to be addressed and must be aligned towards the purpose they are trained for.

“I know this won’t be a smooth road towards victory. A trophy must not be achieved just because they trained hard and compete hard. I know a trophy was made for higher goal align with right discipline that makes you achieve the due worth of your striving.”

Believing that a true winner must be guided alongside with the rule of winning. Same with his student.

“I don’t want my Lil Bro. to fail on his schooling so I will do my best to help him and be a model to him. I don’t want my student compete like the only thing that matters is to win and take that trophy. There’s  a higher worth than trophy itself. There’s a higher success than only winning.”

– A sow of thankfulness and cheerfulness Dennis receive 

Fourth day of the week — He sense that something different will happen. Though ignoring it, Dennis went to work prepared and ready. For him, it is essential to show value in everything he does. Values that would make a difference in dealing with reality. Reality might be against what you up to. Who knows? It might distract you away from your destination, but he don’t allow the outside dictate the inside. Values must be tested on the battle field of reality so that you might know its true worth. This how Dennis deals everything that he face.

Dennis doesn’t know that his student plan to surprise him. As Dennis wait on his room conditioning himself. His student one-by-one showed up and brought with them variety of appreciation in a form of letter, music, dance, or sweet kinds. Dennis turn emotional a bit but he try to keep it in himself aware that his student might notice him. The student took all of the allotted time for their class to give back to Dennis what he worked hard for; bringing the best that he could give to his student. In no doubt, he was enliven of his spirit that continue to encourage him in line of his work for a long time.

He return home with a reflection of joy mark on his face. He excitingly share it with her mother. As Dennis wait with his Lil Bro., he was reminded  by the memories they have with his father; that family has an important role in planting values to their children. A legacy that Dennis continue.

– The setting of the past position Dennis to a wise future –

Fifth day of the week — As Dennis long weekend came to a close, he take the last day of the working week full spirited due to yesterday experienced. His energy is more vibrant than before. He continue living the life that his father train him for.

As his student learn from Dennis the essential values he applied. The way he train and teach them gave a productive results to his student. The aspect in which they applied are challenges that they may encounter along the way in reaching their goal in line with their skills and talent. To train with right values in mind that draw a clear path towards their career. After all, it is not an easy take road in achieving the success in which worth more than a trophy to carry.

His student show eagerness to learn and apply the things Dennis taught them and in their individual workshops they adopt Dennis approach in developing both values and skills. A picture of a man who relate himself to the situation of others; to learn and hear their concern and weakness so that he will be able to make adjustments that will condition them to the goal on which Dennis illustrate to them. Through creativity he implement his approach in meeting their need followed by improvement with a vibrant relationship with each other.


As a blogger in cyphace, I share a glimpse of story that regularly happen within the dance community in the Philippines. Story that shows different challenges, mixed emotions, hardships and dedication. Inspirational quotation and influential people behind every success.

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