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Success: First cyphace held workshop

cyphace contributors at the first workshop

Success: First cyphace held workshop Needless to say that those who have passion for something that really inspires will go out and share with others what they have within. These are just a few of what makes a certain plan a success. Cyphace was once an idea but now a reality that…

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Bringing you the Street Fuzion 17 Homage experience

Street Fuzion 17 the Homage 20th Anniversary Concert group picture

For all we know, University of the Philippines dance crews are one of the known crews that contribute to set the quality of dancing performance to a higher level. They’ve earned and harvested a lot of benefits along with their hard work and enthusiasm in reaching the success that their…

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What happen during the “Beneath” dance play of Carlos Garcia Serrano III

Beneath group picture of last show Beneath by Carlos Garcia Serrano III Brought his creativity to SDA Theater this past December 1 and 2, 2017. To begin with, Beneath was made as a dance production which aims to showcase dance performances that dive into the unexplored familiar of the society. It was directed by Carlos Garcia Serrano III who…

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A Glimpse of Vibe PH 2017 Dance Competition Year II

A Glimpse of Vibe PH 2017 Dance Competition Year II Another milestone of achievement took place last October 28, 2017 as one of the major dance competition was held at UP Theater. Different choreographers wait this very day to take their stand on the platform of Vibe PH 2017 year II…

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UP Motions fundraising workshop are just one way to help those who are in need. An update from its beneficiary.

UP Motions: Fundraising Workshop Recently, UP Motions conducted a dance workshop name “AikCan Dance with MYK” that engaged number of dancers within the dance community to spread their passion towards dancing into a way of supporting and caring for others who are in need. The workshop have gain funds to help Myk’s…

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