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Bringing you the Street Fuzion 17 Homage experience

Street Fuzion 17 the Homage 20th Anniversary Concert group picture

For all we know, University of the Philippines dance crews are one of the known crews that contribute to set the quality of dancing performance to a higher level. They’ve earned and harvested a lot of benefits along with their hard work and enthusiasm in reaching the success that their crew have.

No doubt that every time they join a popular local dance competition or international, the weight of expectation would rise for the contending groups. From UP Streetdance Club, UPeepz and The Crew among others, the tension would be different. Such is the result of a group that was built from faith, passion and love.

Looking back to their humble beginnings, we would see how the founder and pioneering member(s) of the group gave their best to bring about the goal that they have in mind during those days. Through the help of their own founder and members, they will help us know how they started and grow.

The Originals


The foundation of making a strong bond for treating one another as part of the family is one of the aspect that UP Streetdance Club and The Crew have for each other. The road is not the same for everyone. There’s always an ups and downs but what keeps them together is that bond they cherish in every one of them.

Having a good desire won’t get you on the loosing side of life. In fact it will help you be more open to the world and learn from all the good things that might help you in bringing you up with that good desire you have. One of those that would appreciate you along the way are the one’s that share with your desire and find the same with what they would love to see and have as part of them.

That applies to all avenues of life, whether student, teacher, employee, employer, children or parents. If we carry that notion and apply it into reality, that would be a well said and job well done.

The UP Faculty and Advisers



This would not be possible without the support of everyone. Support that comes from their own love ones. The every selfless decisions and advises. The lending of facilities and services for them to dance in different competitions. The knowledge and values together with honesty and trust. These are one of the many factors that a group would need to have. It’s not the winning that counts, its the people.

The UP Support


Street Fuzion 17 Homage Gratitude

Photos By: Bong Arboleda and Michael Galvez
Videos By: UP Streetdance Club Facebook Page

Get to know them more by looking on their social network below.

Know more:
Facebook: UP Streetdance Club
Youtube Channel: UP Streetdance CLub


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