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Boogie & Break

Mad Events and SXM

Boogie and Break
A fundraising jam for
Loving Street Children PH-Asia
D' Groovement
August 26, 2017, Saturday at 2:00 p.m.

DJ: DJ Nadzty (Bboy Knockout) & DJ Khel Martinez (4v4 Shuffle)
Host: Jas & Jane

*Special Performances Message via link below.

2 vs 2 B-boy/B-girl Knockout
Rekin (Funk Roots)
Palitorock (SAS crew/Zulu Pinas)
Reflex (Soulstice)

4 vs 4 Represent your Style Shuffle
SmoothAlex (Popping)
Markuro (Locking)
Reflex (B-boying)
Afrodite (Waacking)

Cash prizes + Certificate awaits for Winners

2 vs 2 B-boy/Bgirl Knockout
RULE: The winning pairs will get to recruit 1 (one) Bboy or Bgirl from the losing team.

Top 16 – 2vs2
Top 8 – 3vs3
Top 4 – 4vs4
Top 2 – 5vs5

4 vs 4 Represent Your Style – Team Shuffle
RULE: Enter as a solo battler of your own style.

After Preselection, you will be shuffled into teams where each will be composed of 1 (one) Bboy/Bgirl, 1 (one) Waacker, 1 (one) Locker, and 1 (one) Popper.

Preselection: 4 Cyphers/Circle (1 style per cypher/circle)
Shuffle: (Judges will pick and arrange members of each team)

Top 4 – 4v4
Top 2 – 4v4

Registration Fees:
Pre-registration (per battler)
Php. 100 + Php. 50 worth of donation

Walk-in registration (per battler)
Php. 150 + Php. 50 worth of donation

Php. 50 + Php. 50 worth of donation

Kids 12 and below are free w/ birth cert.

Lists of donations that are very much needed by Smokey Mountain Kids & Families:
hygiene soaps and sanitary stuff
clothes for kids
canned goods/noodles

Other donations needed:
crayons/coloring materials

Post in this format to register:
Battle Name/Crew – Category
Ex. "Team Fresh – 2v2 Bboy (Knockout)"
Ex. "Firelock – Locking (4v4 Shuffle)"

Prizes and special prices Message via link below.

For inquries:
Facebook: Boogie & Break


As a blogger in cyphace, I share a glimpse of story that regularly happen within the dance community in the Philippines. Story that shows different challenges, mixed emotions, hardships and dedication. Inspirational quotation and influential people behind every success.

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