A Glimpse of Vibe PH 2017 Dance Competition Year II

Vibe PH 2017 Dance Competition year II stage backdraft

A Glimpse of Vibe PH 2017 Dance Competition Year II

Another milestone of achievement took place last October 28, 2017 as one of the major dance competition was held at UP Theater. Different choreographers wait this very day to take their stand on the platform of Vibe PH 2017 year II dance competition and give their all out preparation to showcase their talent before their judges and to their supporters and audience of dance community.

The Line Up

Vibe PH 2017 line up poster

The list of dance groups that compete are numbered up to 25. We would see such tremendous efforts of those groups to fight for their passion and continue to move forward to be known as one of the best dance group the Philippines ever had. Making history for their respective group, identity for their self, influence within the dance community, respect from their fellow competitors and inspiration to those who look into the stage where expression was made through dancing.

Vibe PH has become part of the Philippine dance community. For them Vibe PH is an open door for those who join their competition. It was a celebration of talent and a demonstration of continuous support to challenge the spirit of competition every year. Bringing with them special panel of judges, unique teams from around the world and a loyal audience. As VIBE and VIBE JRS promises to always put the performers first and in doing so, the event has always found ways to evolve and improve year after year.

Vibe PH 2017 Photo Journey

As we put it in words it will take a day just to describe how Vibe PH 2017 bring their event in a new scale of dance competition. With much being said lets take a quick look of what had happened during the event.

The Host and Judges of the Night

On the left, is the Host who spent a lot of energy in entertaining their audience making sure that no body miss the excitement that Vibe PH 2017 competition brings. On the right are judges who will handle all aspects of each dance group performances starting from their looks, creativity, technicalities and from every bit of their routine up to the whole performance that they gave for themselves and for their audience.

Intermission and the First Half of the Competition

A Soulful closing performance of the First Half

Vibe PH 2017 closing of first half

The Second Half, Guest performance and Finale


As the journey of dance community continues, evey memory of those participating dance group was part of the successful dance competition the Vibe PH 2017 ever had. As each of you join and participate on every talent performance, always remember that it’s one thing to win, the important is the character before and after every performance you have.

The 3rd Place, The 2nd Place and The Champion

3rd Place: The Addlib


Vibe PH 2017 The Addlib winner as 3rd place

The 3rd Place of Vibe PH 2017 goes to The Addlib. An over all performance score of 89.90. Photo taken from Vibe PH Dance Competition Facebook Post.


2nd Place: Dsquared

Vibe PH 2017 Dsquared winner as 2nd place

The 2nd Place of Vibe PH 2017 goes to Dsquared. An over all performance score of 90.25. Photo taken from Vibe PH Dance Competition Facebook Post.


Champion: TPM

Vibe PH 2017 TPM winner as champion

The Champion of Vibe PH 2017 goes to TPM. An over all performance score of 93.85. Photo taken from Vibe PH Dance Competition Facebook Post.

The champion of Vibe PH Dance Competition Year 2 will be representing the Philippines at VIBE 2018 in California, USA! Vibe PH 2017 has an amazing night. It was a night the Filipinos show their overflowing passion and talent.

Other Selected Pictures


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Vibe PH 2017 Official Ranking

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