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What happen during the “Beneath” dance play of Carlos Garcia Serrano III
"Beneath" us all about the unexplored familiar in the Philippines. It is about the interrelation of things people experience every day and has never really thought that this interrelationship all boils down to one root cause.
A Glimpse of Vibe PH 2017 Dance Competition Year II
VIBE Dance Competition is a celebration of talent of our dance community. By continuing to support and challenge the spirit of competition each year with a special panel of judges, unique teams from around the world, and a loyal audience, VIBE and VIBE JRS promises to always put the performers first and in doing so, the event has always found ways to evolve and improve year after year.
UP Motions fundraising workshop are just one way to help those who are in need. An update from its beneficiary.
UP Motions fundraising workshop beneficiary update and a word regarding his undergoing treatment and condition.
7 Good Habits to start with as Artists
We can start by having a vision of the direction and destination of our artistry. We just have to give up the 'jack-of-all-trades, master of none' mentality. Yes, I know it's hard for us because our brains were designed to be cluttered. LOL. Kidding aside, our creative brains work in complex networks with multi-faceted processes making it harder for us to focus on a single idea at a time.

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